I'm Elsie Brown.

Freelancer, Amazon Expert, Writer


I’m a digital marketer based in Silicon Valley. I have a passion for writing and I apply that to writing excellent copy for Amazon stores. I’m also a prolific economics blogger in my free time.

What I Do

Manage Your Amazon Store.

From bullet points and photo editing to packing an FBA shipment, I know the ins and outs of store management. I respond to customer messages quickly and turn complaints into smiles. I do Brand Registry, category approval, and know how to protect your trademark.

Write and Optimize Listings.

I use the latest tools to farm keywords and track product ranking. I can edit your back end keywords or develop a sponsored ads strategy. I diagnose problem listings and give you actionable fixes.

Something Else.

I really wanted to find a place to put that doughnut picture. If there’s a skill you need that you don’t see listed here just ask. Working in digital marketing I have acquired a host of skills like web design, Shopify, email campaigns, and  Facebook ads. I love to dig into new challenges.

I’m here to help.

Whether it’s a one-off, a question, or an ongoing project I’d love to hear from you.

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